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67 WAYS to
make her come



What if you had so many different, success-certain ways to make your woman come more easily, more often, and more powerfully then she you ever have before?

Let’s not dick around here.

You’re reading this page because you want to know one thing. How to ruin your girl for other men and be The Best She's Ever Had.

You're going to be able to...



You see, I just put the finishing touches on my newest program:

67 Ways To Make Her Come

But there are 3 things you should know...

Number One
It is not for beginners. We don't cover things like kissing techniques or safe sex. This program is advanced and should not be anyone's first sex course.
Number Two
It's expensive. It's designed to replace the old way of reading hundreds of books & watching countless hours of video trainings. No fluff. No filler. Just straight to the 67 moves and techniques that make women come.
Number Three
It is GUARANTEED to work for you. I don't care care if you have a one inch dick, or if your girl has never had an orgasm in your life... you will give your woman the most powerful orgasms of her life or your money back!

So if you're NOT serious about being the best lover your woman has ever had... it's probably best you don't invest at all.

  • The 'Daddy Long Stroke' technique and exactly WHEN to use it to give her DEEP cervical orgasms... WARNING: Even if you're on the 'smaller' side (like me), she's going to feel you DEEP inside with this one, so be careful... (Method #33)
  • The special thrusting pattern to use AFTER she comes the first time... to set her off with ANOTHER climax within 60 seconds or less... (Method #53)
  • What to do if she can't come during sex (This common problem can ruin your relationship so pay close attention! I'll show you exactly how to get her climaxing all over your manhood again and again and again... even if she's never had a penetration orgasm before, and no matter what your size down there) (Method #57)
  • What to do during foreplay to TRIPLE the chances of her having an orgasm during penetration (This lets her come twice as fast... so you only have to last half as long to get her off!) (Method #9)
  • ​The simple 5-word sentence to say when she's about to come that makes her orgasm TWICE as hard! (Method #42)
  • ​5 powerful ways to tease her pussy BEFORE you go down on her that prime her for an INTENSE, body-shaking orgasm! (Method #12)
  • ​How to give a girl the deepest penetration of her life! (Use this angle to make her feel like she's with a MONSTER... no matter what your size) (Method #40)
here's a Shocking fact

Did you know that during orgasm, a woman's brain produces a cocktail of chemicals more addicting than heroin? It's true.

And I'll Show You How To...





This is the exact type of thing you've always wanted but never been able to find in other so-called sex guides.

in 67 Ways to make her come
nothing is held back!
The 'Feather Touch' technique that gives her the most body-shaking, COMPLETELY overwhelming clitoral orgasm she has EVER experienced. (Method #24)
Why you may only be using 3/4 of the length of your penis. I'll show you positions & thrusting patterns that'll make her feel like you've grown several inches bigger inside her (Method #64)
The two simple secrets (totally unknown by most men) which will cause "peak sexual excitation" ... and... give women dramatically, longer-lasting orgasms (Method #13)
A step-by-step "Orgasm Ladder" so you can take her up the rung of "orgasm intensity" at a pace that is up to you. (Method #29)
My first killer, sale crushing bullet that's so inviting and enticing, my prospect can barely control himself. (Method #24)
A special trick to use when she says it's too intense to “surprise” her into coming twice as hard! (This sneaky trick will have her head spinning in wonder as she orgasms harder than she ever has with any other guy before!) (Method #45)
The 4 different kinds of oral orgasms you can give her, and how to give them one after another in an escalating session of orgasmic pleasure! (Method #26)
A startling secret – first used by African Tribesman when they want to guarantee a woman gets pregnant – that “stuns” your girl's body into coming! (The scientific “point” of a woman's orgasm is to bring your sperm up into her body, which is why Tribesman use this trick. If your girl has yet to experience a penetration orgasm THIS is the trick to use to push her over the top!) (Method #61)
Her PUSSY is yours for the taking...

And we've only scratched the surface. Here's another taste of the...



...inside what people are already calling the

'alpha-lovers black book'...

The 'Pinball Wizard' step-by-step orgasm sequence that builds her pleasure to deeper and more powerful orgasms each time  (Method #31)
The secret of “Escalating Orgasms” - How to stack her orgasms one on top of another, sending continuous waves of pleasure from her fingertips to her toes! (Method #60)
A secret "pleasure spot" on a woman's body (NOT the G-spot) which is so hidden away by nature ... not one man in a thousand knows about it. (Method #17)
3 "Sexual Initiation Triggers" – Touch these spots BEFORE sex to make her shake with anticipation… then again DURING sex to take her over the edge (Method #4)
Why ALL women love Doggy style… and one thing you can do with your hands while you're inside he that will give her an AMAZING Combination Orgasm (Method #51)
The “Dominating Orgasm” – A wild way to make your girl climax that will have her begging you to be her master and ready to service your every need! (Method #15)
The 3 things you MUST do before you give her an orgasm if you want to be 100% sure she climaxes the first time you are together (Method #8)
Special positions that actually makes you seem much BIGGER & THICKER inside of her, and also which ones are the best for letting you last longer…. (Method #49)
The "Captain Morgan" - a super-advanced doggy position that puts you at the perfect angle to give her multiple G-spot AND clitoral orgasms. (Method #48)
My step by step pussy massage that relaxes the muscles that cause her to cum… DOUBLING the power of her orgasms during penetration! (Method #11)

It's all about Variety. Giving your woman a variety of sexual experiences is the key to making her want you all the time.


  • My patented 'dip, dip, drive' thrusting pattern that hits her HOTTEST orgasmic pleasure triggers while giving you the stamina to pound her to MULTIPLE penetration orgasms. (Method #52)
  • ​A secret place to position your hands during oral that increases the "pressure" so she orgasms harder and faster (Method #19)
  • ​A little known foreplay secret that makes certain your woman will have an explosive orgasm every time you make love! (Method #3)
  • ​A simple but little-known 'Tantric' thrusting technique that hits 3 major orgasm triggers AT THE SAME TIME (Method #47)
  • ​The specific ORDER of positions you should use to give her the BEST chance of having MULTIPLE orgasms (Method #39)
  •  How to get a girl to see you as her “orgasm trainer” who knows more about her body than she does! (Method #14)
  •  The “Guaranteed” Foreplay Orgasm – My surefire way to make a girl cum BEFORE you fuck her so she starts getting sexually addicted to you before you even have sex! (Method #10)
  •  The Fornix – this orgasm easily induced by stroking a special section deep inside of her that most guys mistakenly ignore – gives an orgasmic sensation similar to a G-Spot orgasm, but much more intense. Fortunately this spot is much easier to find and stimulate when you know this (Method #21)
  •   A technique that helps a woman have her FIRST orgasm from penetration women CAN'T discover by themselves! (The first guy to make a girl climax through good ole' penetration sex will always have her heart! Here's my secret step-by-step method to give your girl the type of wall-climbing, pillow biting orgasms that make her want to have sex with you all the time!) (Method #36)
  •  What to do differently if a woman is having trouble coming…you'll get tips for varying your technique to guarantee she comes EVERY TIME (Method #66)
  •  The simple 5-word sentence to say when she's about to cum that makes her orgasm TWICE as hard! (Method #42)
  •  My special “Toy Killer” technique – A new way to touch a girl that feels BETTER than any toy she's ever tried! (She'll want to use YOU as her sex toy from now on after you do this!) (Method #20)
where did this secret come from?
When I first started "researching" the 67 Ways, I had a few hookups with a girl who couldn't orgasm without a vibrator, and even that was starting to lose it's power.

She developed what's known as 'orgasmic tolerance'.

What used to be a VERY intense sensation for her become LESS INTENSE over time.

Her clitoris was starting to become desensitized from the overuse of vibrators… many women eventually throw theirs away because they're not getting off like they used to!

The same thing can happen if you keep giving a girl the same type of orgasm over & over again.

Want to know how I turned her into an orgasm junkie who won't stop cumming?

you want more?


  • What to do BEFORE you go down on her that makes your girl so excited she'll come almost as soon as your tongue touches her! (Method #18)
  • A special “sensual massage” to use before sex that primes a woman to have MULTIPLE ORGASMS (Doing this first gets her so incredibly turned on she’ll be begging to have you inside of her) (Method #2)
  • ​A secret to use during doggy style that let's you last twice as long and makes you feel twice as strong! (Method #41)
  • The simple sentence to say to a girl when she's on the verge of cumming that takes her over the top and makes her EXPLODE with ecstasy! (For girls climaxing is 50% mental... this powerful sentence aligns her mind with the HOT way you are touching her body to make her squirm with pleasure!) (Method #54)
  • ​Different fucking rhythms... and how to give her DIFFERENT kinds of orgasms every time you have sex! (Method #58)
  • One simple trick you can do to prolong ANY female orgasm by up to five full minutes!! (DO this right, and she'll be begging you for sex night & day just to get this orgasm again!) (Method #67)
  • ​The exact order in which to take her clothes off for maximal orgasmic stimulation (Use the WRONG order and she won't be "heated up" to achieve multiple orgasms) (Method #6)
  • ​Number 1 key that PREVENTS women from powerful orgasms and how to remove it... once you get this your girl will start coming at least 2-3 times more AND much LOUDER and WETTER (Method #30)
  • ​The Time Distortion Orgasm – this orgasm was named such because the sensation is so intense it can make a woman's mind lose track of time... locking her in an euphoric state of pleasure which to her feels like minutes or even hours. Best of all... you'll watch on in fascination as later while you are lying in bed or even sleeping she experiences pleasant tremors of orgasmic aftershocks that remind her just how much you rocked her world (Method #62)

Most guys have 1 or 2 go-to moves they use to make their woman come

Problem is her body builds an orgasmic tolerance and stops responding in the same way it used to.

The same way her body can get used to a vibrator and it loses its affect, he body can get used to anything that's used over and over.

But "confuse" her body with different types of orgasms...

and she's
powerless to resist

You'll find out exactly how to master

this tricky strategy and become

a sexual POWERHOUSE inside

'67 Ways To Make Her Come'.

Plus there's so much more...

  • How to give your girl up to 20 orgasms in a single session! (I know it sounds far fetched, but once you know this secret, even if you do it slightly wrong your girl will have at least 5 orgasms!) (Method #56)
  • The easy but strange position that LAZER TARGETS her 'second deep spot' resulting in the most POWERFUL vaginal orgasms she's ever experienced (Method #34)
  • ​A special manual stimulation technique that first gets your girl horny... then gets her super wet... then gets her breathing heavy... all building up to an ORGASM EXPLOSION all over your hand! (This step-by-step sequence is so powerful you should only use it with a girl you REALLY like... as it just might make her addicted to your fingers ) (Method #22)
  • ​The 3 reasons why foreplay should NEVER STOP UNTIL SHE ORGASMS and the exact techniques to give her foreplay orgasms... you'll be shocked at how EASY it is to give her full body orgasms once you give her a foreplay orgasm FIRST (Method #7)

Yup, even more!

  • The “triple flick” - a 3-step tongue flicking pattern that makes your girl come and come and come... she won't stop having orgasms until YOU decide she's had enough! (Method #27)
  • ​The Butterfly Effect - My special technique for mixing up deep & shallow penetration to intensify your lovemaking, and to tease her toward mind-altering, multiple climaxes (Method #65)
  • ​A simple shift to make in the missionary position that gives her the feeling you are a full 2 inches longer and thicker inside of her - This makes it possible (even easy) for average sized guys to hit a woman's deep spots and bless her with profound penetration orgasms that rock her soul. (Method #37)
  • The "secret" sex position that gets a girl have a squirting orgasm during penetration! (Method #35)

What if I could show you a move that guarantees your woman will come... and all I wanted in return was $1?

Imagine you and I are having drinks.

You're excited and a little nervous cause you know there's a good chance you're getting laid tonight.

What if I said, for a buck, I’d tell you a secret move that would make sure you give your woman a wild, screaming orgasm?

I’m talking FOR SURE. Like GUARANTEED.

And all I wanted was a buck.

Would you do it?

Of course!

Well I’ve got 67 different ways. And all I’m asking is $67 bucks.

It’s a no brainer…
And the price really doesn’t matter either way.


Because it comes with a cast-iron 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

You don’t like it? You don’t pay. Simple as that.

But I know soon as you dip into this pussy-pleasing treasure chest you’ll realize it’s the bargain of the century.

So if you don’t think it’s worth AT LEAST 10 TIMES your investment…

I don’t want your money.

And it couldn’t be easier to order. Just hit the button below and follow the simple instructions.

Soon as I get your order, you’ll be granted immediate access.

Welcome to the pleasure dome…

Make Her Come Or It's Free

Triple Guarantee

Because this is likely the most important decision you'll even make in your sex life, I want to make the decision a complete no brainer for you.

Try the 67 ways.

Take 60 full days to try out the entire program.

Test and wear out every every technique.

If your girl doesn't start constantly hounding you for sex...

If you don't think it was worth 10 times that of your investment...

If you just don't like the way the program is laid out...

If you're not 100% thrilled with your investment for any reason at all, just send me an email and I'll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.
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